Dave McD's    Stick-It IV

From RCM plan # 1095
Span:  48"
Wing Area:  800 sq. in.
Weight:  3 lbs / 1 oz
Channels:  5 (flapperons)
Engine:  OS 40 FP
Radio:  Futaba 8UAF

Last flown with
a Mousse Can Pipe on
a Thunder Tiger 42GP.
Runs Great!!!

Perfect for hovering!


The Stick-It is one of my favorite planes of all time!  Extremely maneuverable and fun to fly!  Despite two years of wild and crazy flying, it still looked as good as new.  THEN I decided to learn how to HOVER!

I finally figured it out!
 Here's my Stickit
hovering, with the tail
in the weeds.  BUT,
notice how different
my Stickit looks now
- AFTER I learned
how to hover!  Check
out the new stabilizer,
and the new elevator,
and a new right wing
section - and don't
forget what you
CAN'T see - like the
extra quart of CA that
keeps it together - and the miles of Scotch Tape that patch the millions of holes in the MonoKote.

OK, OK..............I admit it....................
I really DIDN'T ding my Stickit too bad while learning how to FLY it in a  hover.....
until I started learning how to LAND it from a hover!

THAT'S when I started buying CA and Scotch Tape in bulk!

For example:

If, while landing in a hover, I goofed up on the throttle control,
my Stickit would make sure that it hit the ground just hard enough,
to at least break the elevator pushrod,
or maybe even break the whole tail off.
(and of course, puncture some MonoKote)

If, while landing in a hover, I goofed up on the elevator control,
my Stickit would lightly and gracefully touch down on the tail,
and then fall s-l-o-w-l-y over onto it's back.......
while forcing me to helplessly watch........
as it methodically and deliberately broke the rudder, fin, prop, and needle valve.......
in that exact order.
(and of course, puncture LOTS of MonoKote)

If, while landing in a hover, I goofed up on the rudder control,
 my Stickit would act like a varsity cheerleader,
and do cartwheels until it felt like no more damage could possibly be inflicted on itself.
(and of course, puncture the MonoKote patches on top of the original MonoKote)

If, while landing in a hover, I goofed up on the aileron control,
my Stickit would see to it,
that it totally overloaded my brain,
by combining ALL of the above problems,
at the exact same time.
(and of course, puncture any remaining areas of MonoKote that were not yet patched)

So, was learning to hover worth all of this trouble?


When a Stickit's
Extreme Aerobatic Maneuverability,
is combined with the ability to Hover,
the result is one of the most enjoyable
R/C airplane designs that I have ever flown.

In fact, in all of my 32 years of R/C flying, some of the most fun that I've ever had,
was when I was flying my Stickit.

This plane definitely is at or near the top of my all time favorite R/C planes list, and I seriously doubt that I will ever be without one.

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