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Aeromaster from the Andrews Aircraft kit, OS 60FSR. Flew great...until the top wing folded. (R.I.P.) Aeromaster

Bandit from a Lance Engineering Bandit kit, Sachs 3.7 with smoke. My first BIG plane! Bandit

Scratch built Monarch Butterfly, OS .10. This was one of my worst RC mistakes. See for yourself! Monarch Butterfly

Super Chipmunk ARF from the Midwest kit, OS .25. It flew great! (R.I.P.) Super Chipmunk

Christen Eagle II from the Byron kit, Sachs 2.6 with smoke. Read about the horrendous mid-air collision! Christen Eagle II

Cub from the Carl Goldberg kit, K&B .61. It flew like a Cub. Cub

Scratch built DaWing 40, OS 40FP. Designed and built for sport flying and combat at over 100mph! Da-Wing 40

Scratch built DaWing 049, Cox Tee Dee .051. Over 100mph and 5 rolls per second! Da-Wing 049

Diamond Dust from the GAPP kit, piped K&B 7.5cc DF. I really loved this plane!  (R.I.P.) Diamond Dust

Extra 300 from the Carl Goldberg kit, TT Pro 1.20. This was a really nice flying plane! (R.I.P.) Extra 300

Fazer from the Sig kit, TT 42GP with mousse can pipe. Lots of fun! Fazer

Plans built Flying Machine, K&B 6.5cc. One of my all time favorite planes! (R.I.P) Flying Machine

GLH II from the Ace kit, Cox Tee Dee .049. My World Engines radio struck again! (R.I.P) GLH II

Kobra from the Sig kit, TT 42GP with mousse can pipe. Kobra

Scratch built PBF, OS 40FP.  This has become one of my all time favorite RC planes!  LOTS of fun! PBF (Pizza Box Flyer)

Predator from the Tufflight kit, OS 40FP.  Flew it to first place in the 2001 Misery In Missouri combat contest! Predator

Scat Cat from the Fliteline kit, OS 40FSR. One of my favorite RC planes! (R.I.P) Scat Cat

Super Sportster 40 from the Great Planes kit, OS 40FSR. Flew fine, until a friend flew it into the ground. (R.I.P) Super Sportster 40

Plans built Stickit IV, OS 40FP with mousse can pipe. One of my all time favorite RC planes! (R.I.P) Stick-It IV

Ugly Stick from the Jensen kit, TT Pro .46 with mousse can pipe.  It's a blast! Ugly Stick

Ultra Sport 40 ARF from the Great Planes kit, OS .61FSR. A really nice flying plane! Ultra Sport 40 ARF


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