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Need a Cheap Retract Servo???
Need a Proportional Flap Servo???
Then Take a Look at:
How to Modify a Futaba S-148 Servo
for 180 Degree Operation

Here's everything you'll ever need to know about
F-F-F-Four-Cycle engines:

Dave McD's
F-F-F-Four-Cycle Page!

On this page, you will:

Learn why a Two-Stroke is BETTER than a F-F-F-Four-Cycle!

Learn the Secret Codes of the F-F-F-Four-Cycle Brand Names.

 Find out if your plane Deserves a F-F-F-Four-Cycle!

Save money by Converting a 2 Stroke to a F-F-F-Four-Cycle!

Read the Scientific Proof that a 2-Stroke's whining sound is exact scale!

Here's everything you'll ever need to know about
T-Two-Stroke engines:

Dave McD's
T-Two-Stroke Page!

On this page, you will:

Learn why a Four-Stroke is BETTER than a T-Two-Stroke!

Learn the Secret Codes of the T-Two-Stroke Brand Names.

 Find out if your plane Deserves a T-Two-Stroke!

Save money by Converting a 2 Stroke to a T-Two-Stroke!

Before we go flying, let's check the Central Missouri weather radar.

See and read about some of Dave McD's R/C Air Force

This is an example of just one of the planes that you'll find in my
R/C Air Force

Kit - Byron Christen Eagle II
Weight - 15 pounds
Engine - Sachs 2.6
Radio - Futaba 8UAF
Smoke - TME Simple Smoke

Unlimited vertical.
Fantastic inverted flat spins!
(especially with smoke on!)

Built and test flown in 1988.
Still flying today!

You can also check out some pictures of a horrendous mid-air collision
that my Christen Eagle had with a Goldberg Eagle 63.
You can see them by clicking here:
Mid-Air Crash Photos

Click on the spinning logo to find out more about

Aeromaster.....Bandit.....Butterfly.....Christen Eagle II,
Cub.....DaWing 40.....DaWing 049.....Diamond Dust,
Extra 300.....Fazer.....Flying Machine.....GLH II.....Kobra,
PBF (Pizza Box Flyer).....Predator.....Scat Cat,
Super Sportster 40.....Stickit IV.....Ugly Stick,
Ultra Sport 40 ARF.....???? Future Projects ?????

Or click on one of the airplanes listed below:



Christen Eagle II

DaWing 40
DaWing 049
Diamond Dust

Extra 300

Flying Machine



PBF (Pizza Box Flyer)

Scat Cat
Super Sportster 40
Stickit IV

Ugly Stick
Ultra Sport 40 ARF



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